Growth based
Brand & Event consultancy.

Helping your brand to succeed.

Services Offered

Brand &

Tailored strategies, initiatives, and communication plans will be created to boost your brand's visibility, engage your ideal audience, increase ROI, and drive meaningful results. Harness the power of targeted marketing to elevate your brand and maximize your business growth.

Event &
Project Management

Bring your vision to life

with experienced leadership.

Every detail is lead, coordinated and executed to ensure the success of your brand experience. Elevate your project or event to new heights with seamless planning and strong execution.

Content Creation &
Digital Management

Enhance your brand's social media

potential with a tailored plan that will increase brand awareness and sales with creative content, strategic channel selection, captivating newsletters and offers. Performance will be monitored and evaulated for maximum digital

storytelling impact.


Imagine your brand as a high-performance car, with endless potential for speed and power.

But, without the right marketing and branding strategy, it's like you're driving with a broken engine. That's where I come in.

As a seasoned marketing professional with 15+ years of experience, I can turbocharge your brand's digital presence through content and innovative strategies. I can help you connect with your audience with brand building events and increase loyalty to achieve the best ROI with my skills and knowledge.

Contact me today to take your brand to new heights.

/Anna Majbro
Brand Advisor & Facilitator

Success Stories

”Anna is highly skilled in managing multiple assignments, with a range of experience in handling large and small projects”.

― Anders Fahlberg, Commercial Manager, COOP

”Anna is proactive and driven and showed great creativity in her approach to the

assignment she was given”.

― Richard Ogfeldt, Marketing Manager,

Philip Morris

"Anna is very experienced in her field and conveys her knowledge in a clear and easy-to-understand way, which I appreciated".

― Daniel Wiberg,

CEO Sting Free AB

"With Anna's strong doer mentality, she supported me with several brand building initiatives and organized a succesful livestreamed launch event for a track release".

― Alexander Fahlberg,


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